Day-to-day duties for a diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist can vary based on the industry you work in and the size of the department and company. However, the main goal of a diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist stays consistent –– ensure equity in your organization. This can be done through managing diversity programs, projects, trainings, and communication logistics, cross-divisionally. 

Across various industries, typical job functions for diversity, equity, and inclusion specialists include: 

  • Event and programming organization. Diversity presentations and trainings are often presented to multiple divisions and departments at once, through engaging events or experiential programs. Specialists are likely to organize, facilitate, and moderate an organization’s events.  
  • Committee support. Many organizations host committees that allow specific groups of employees, or those with a shared connection, to connect and evaluate their needs from the organization. These groups could be a Women in the Profession Committee or an LGBTQIA+ Alliance. The specialist supports these committees by ensuring they have the proper resources and helps them to plan and meet their objectives.  
  • Employee communication. Diversity, equity, and inclusion specialists are responsible for answering employee questions via email, phone, or in person. Employees may have questions about the organization’s progress on a specific issue or need help understanding the equity resources available to them. A specialist may also be the first point of contact when an employee brings a diversity-related concern to the HR department. 

Manage data & analyze reports. Diversity, equity, and inclusion specialists will likely write and distribute diversity, equity, and inclusion surveys, requests, and questionnaires. They will then compile the data from those resources and analyze it to deliver reports to their superiors in the HR department, and possibly C-suite stakeholders.

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